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How to choose an excellent e-commerce platform

You generally are aware that e-commerce has gained steady popularity in the last 13 years. This being the case, it is essential to have an e-commerce website which you can use to showcase your products and generate online sales.

When it comes to choosing between excellent e-commerce platforms, the payment gateway, user-friendly dashboard and attractive front ends are just some of the many things you should always look at. This, among many others, will play a vital role in ensuring your e-commerce site’s longevity and growth in profit margins. Here are some of the vital things you should look at when searching for a good e-commerce platform.

Open source VS Cloud-based

Cloud-based platforms are also referred to as hosted platforms or simply put, SaaS-based platforms (Software as a Service). Here, vendors usually provide the much-needed software with an infrastructure to merchants as a service, and that is why they are called SaaS. In this option, the business owner is usually not required to purchase or update his software option. Instead, he is just needed to allow the vendors to provide him with everything that he expects to run an online store. Based on this fact, many online retailers usually consider the cloud-based platforms to be the easiest to acquire and operate.


  1. Low operational cost; accessible and affordable to manage
  2. User-friendly interface; offers less technical resources which can be adopted and used by anyone
  3. Light in weight; the software light weight makes it faster to run in all platforms


  1. Requires regular updates especially when you gain traffic
  2. Limited customization possibilities
  3. Does not allow one to switch platforms easily

Open source e-commerce platforms are well documented and usually allow users to make changes as required. Most of them typically have additional plugins and extensions which will enable one to set up a hosted platform from anywhere, thus getting the freedom to choose his hosting service.


  1. Highly flexible; can be used anywhere by anyone provided he has the basic understanding of the platform
  2. Grants full access to users; users are allowed to access the source code and modify it if need be
  3. Availability of store when you need it; the fact that the store is hosted on your infrastructure makes it stand out as being easily accessible and available


  1. Many options available might force you to do a lot of digging before finding the right one
  2. No centralized support system means that you will be on your ones you start using the platform.

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