Here Are 5 Mistakes to Avoid On Your E-Commerce Website in Singapore

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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to create an e-commerce website and has worries of building one that is not successful? If yes, there are mistakes you need to avoid to enable you to draft a successful site. Running an e-commerce website is a difficult task especially for the newbies. It may be hard to look for ways to attract customers to your site.
In this essence, you need to look for best e-commerce website builders in Singapore to help you build a professional site and start your business within no minute. These platforms have marketing tools that will enable your site to reach more customers. Here are the mistakes you need to avoid:

Creating a site that is not SEO friendly

This mistake is common to many entrepreneurs. They omit this feature in their site forgetting that SEO is the only factor that will enable you to rank higher on Google. As you know, search engines are the best places to find potential customers. Hence, ignoring this feature would be a way of running away from them. As a new online entrepreneur, you need to ensure that you have the best e-commerce website and that it is optimized to search engines. With this, you will reach millions of customers and increase sales.

Selling your products at a high price

Price is a significant factor that most customers consider before making purchasing. Although the quality of your products attracts most of the customers, you need to set a competitive price. You can research to find out how competitors in the same niche are pricing their products. However, if they are setting a meager price, you cannot set the same as you may cause losses in your business. You can compare the quality of your products and theirs to enable you to come up with the right price.
Knowing your target customers is crucial as you will know what they are looking for to purchase your product. If quality is what will derive them to buy, you can set a higher price.

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Using poor images and ignoring the product description

As you know, no one can purchase products of low quality. In this case, your images will tell customers more about your products. You need to upload quality images to convince customers that your products are of high quality. Also, with a clear product description, customers will know more about the products. They will know the benefits which can enhance their purchasing decision.
To achieve this, you can create a catchy, clear and short product description to motivate customers to read. As you know, long content is boring especially when one has other activities to perform. With this, it should be short.

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Ignoring the ‘about us’ and ‘contact us page.’

Without the ‘about us’ and ‘contact us’ page it may become difficult for a customer to trust your e-commerce website. Customers want to know your vision as well as mission. Also, they would like to know why they should buy your products.
With the contact us page, they may at times need more clarification about your products. With this, you need to provide a reliable contact which can enhance customers’ experience, and they can purchase your products.

Ignoring mobile friendly practice

Every successful e-commerce website should support a mobile device. You should assume that all your customers are using mobile to browse through your site. In this era, almost all customers are using mobile to shop online. Mobile is a flexible device which will allow your customers to look for the best deals in your store. With this, your e-commerce website should have a responsive design to support a mobile device.
If you avoid these mistakes, you will run a successful business with a massive number of customers and the best customer services.